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Xhey vom Trocken Bach

Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof x
Sadie vom Trocken Bach

Xhey vom Trocken Bach

Derby prize 1; AZP Prize 2 (4h search, 4h pointing); Härtenachweis (HN); HD frei. A2, OCD frie; Fw: SG(j), 2023 V.

Xhey is an exceptional and passionate hunter. During her education, her leader Frank O’Leary, whom has raised and owned more Kleemann dogs than anyone in the country, said “Xhey was the best hunting dog in the kennel”. Xhey’s search has twice been awarded 4h and noted as an “impressive nose driven, expansive, intense search always adjusting for wind and terrain.” Xhey’s point (4h) is intense, stanch and her manners on moving game are impeccable.

Her impressive nose and search enables her to reliably and quickly find game; combined with her cooperation and lovely personality, she is a special dog. In addition to her beauty, she has a friendly intelligent nature, is affectionate, and is absolutely pleasant in the home.

At the 2023 Zuchstschau in Alberta, Canada SZR Jeff Martin commented “Overall in physical confirmation, this dog is very correct. In movement, her stride and reach is powerful and fluid, giving the impression of floating in the field. Today she fully deserves a V rating”. Xhey is fun to show, displaying a very proud charismatic nature.

Sadie vom Trocken Bach in Germany

Xhey’s mother is Sadie vom Trocken Bach 0882/16 (Cuno KS vom Thüringer Zipfelx Graci KS vom Trocken Bach) who was the Prüfungssieger (test winner) at each of her tests. Derby Prize 1 Prüfungssieger (Test Winner) (DK Klub Südbaden); Derby Prize 1 (4h Search) Prüfungssieger (Switzerland); Solms Prize 1 (4h Search behind duck) Prüfungssieger (DK Klub Südbaden); VGP Prize 1 (DK Klub Südbaden); Btr. (Best dog at Test); Härtenachweis (HN); VBR; HD frei. A2; Fw: 2017 SG1 (j) DK Klub Südbaden, 2018 V1 DK Klub Südbaden.

Mr. Hofstetter, who is regarded as one of the best leaders in Germany and has lead over forty Kleemann dogs, repeatedly said, “Sadie is a very special dog and one of the best dog’s I have ever led”. He also said Sadie was one of the best water dogs he had ever seen. Sadie was awarded V1 following suit of her mother, Gracie KS vom Trocken Bach V1 and top 10 at the Kleemann, and her father, Cuno vom Thuringer Zipfel V6 rude and best young rüden at the 2012 Kleemann. Cuno’s pedigree reads like a who’s who in the DKV. His sire Ungaro KS vom Hege-Has is one of the most influential sires in the last ten years. His mother Nova KS vom Hege-Haus was one of the best Hege-Haus females both in testing and breeding carrier.

Darwin at 2010 Kleeman

Xhey’s father is the very accomplished, beautiful, and legionary Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof. (Baron vom Hege-Haus x Dolly KS vom Altenbruch) D1, S1 (4h nose), S1, VGP1 (312 points/full points, 4h nose, 4h (water search without a duck), KS (perfect score), BTR, VBR, HN, HD-A1, FW. V1 (5 x V1), 3 x CACIB, 2 x CAC, 3 x BOB (all by 27 months of age). Ahnentafel:

In addition to his highest form and enormous performance, Darwin had unbelievable success in Zuchtschau events in Germany including V1/ BOB x5 and V3 rude at the Kleemann. Darwin has produced very impressive and beautiful daughters including Tilly vom Trochen Bach V1, Maggie KS vom Trochen Bach V1 at the Kleemann, and Indy KS vom Trochen Bach top ten overall hündin and perfect score at the Kleemann.

Wren vom Trocken Bach

Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel x
Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach

Derby Prize 1; Solms Prize 1; VGP Prize 3 (272 pts); NAKP Prize 1 (4h search) perfect score Prüfungssieger (test winner); Härtenachweis (HN); HD Frei B-1, OCD Frie; Fw: V x 3, V1 at NAKP in 2023

Wren at NAKP 2023 V1

Wren is a very handsome and noble male with excellent substance. His leader Frank O’Leary said “he has been a pleasure to lead in his education and has demonstrated outstanding prey drive, an excellent spacious and systematic search. In the water, Wren demonstrates tremendous passion and leaves no part of the pond unsearched. His VGP score should have been much better but he had to overcome leader mistakes”. At the 2023 NAKP, Wren received a perfect score prize 1(4h search) and prüfungssieger (test winner). Wren has a wonderful personality, in the house he is very calm and relaxed, in the field or water he is very driven. Mr. O’Leary said “Wren is a special dog, we usually we don’t keep males but when you see Wren and observe him in the field, water, and at home you will understand why”.

At the 2021 DKGNA Annual Meeting Zuchtschau, SZR Francois Aldrich stated Wren is a “Beautiful brown male, 65cm. Very masculine with excellent substance. Strong male. Good topline, very good croup and tailset. Perfect rear angulation. Good chest depth and forechest. Good front angulation and excellent underline. Excellent pigment. Very smooth movement for a strong dog. Good forward reach, parallel front and back. Self-assured, proud, but calm male. Overall an outstanding male.” Dr Aldrich stated Wren likely had the top conformation of any male in the country. At the 2023 NAKP, the 4 SZR judges again commented what a truly outstanding male Wren was and awarded him V1.

Maggie V1 at Kleeman Zuchtschau 2018

Wren’s mother is Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach 0139/14, (Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach) Derby Prize 1(j) (Walla Walla at 6 months), Derby Prize 1(Switzerland), Derby Prize 1 (Zuchensieger DK Klub Südbaden), Solms Prize 1 (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), VGP 1 – 324 Points (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), BTR, VBR, HN, HD Frei A2, Fw: V1 in 2016 at Südbaden, V1 in 2018 at Westfalen. Maggie was the V1 female at the 2018 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung from 72 females.

Maggie had remarkable success in her education in Germany with Mr. Siegfried Hofstetter and Mr. Holger Hensel as her leaders. She completed the Derby, Solms, and VGP with Mr. Hofstetter before the age two years old. Maggie was successful at the 2018 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung with Mr. Holger Hensel receiving perfect scores and a 4h for the search behind the duck. In conformation classes Maggie was the V1 hündin at DK Klub Südbaden and DK Klub Westfalen. At the 2018 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung, Maggie was the V1 Female out of seventy-two females participating. Mr. Hofstetter, considered to be the best leader in Germany, has stated that Maggie is a very special hündin with tremendous drive and great potential.

Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel

Wren’s father is Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel (Heiko KS vom Osterberg x Mona vom Thuringer Zipfel) Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1a, VGP Prize 1a – 310 Points @ 16 months, IKP Prize 1 – 136 Points, VBR, BTR, HN, Fw. SG 1 (j), FW. V, HD-A2. Ahnentafel:
Etzel impresses in the field a spacious, fine-nosed and brisk search with very good nose guidance and head posture. He quickly finds game, which he points impressively, firmly and staunchly. His manners at the game are impeccable. In the water he convinces with passion, hardness and endurance.

At the 2014 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung Etzel received perfect scores in field, search, and nose, with 4h in both the water search without the duck and with the duck.

Etzel pedigree brings together two of the leading bloodlines in the Deutsch-Kurzhaar, Heiko KS vom Osterberg and Mona vom Thüringer Zipfel comes from the Hege-Haus lines.

The pups will be approximately 80% Hege-Haus. This breeding includes some of the best Zwingers in the DKV – vom Thüringer Zipfel, vom Osterberg, and Hege-Hof. This should be a very interesting litter with Brown and Brown & White.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Cierra at 308-440-3933, email

Zwinger vom Kiefern
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