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Deutsch Kurzhaar stud dogs listed on this page have completed breeding requirements of the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband and are available for stud per arrangement with the owner listed below.

Wren vom Trocken Bach ZB Nr. 0770/19, Birth Date 28.04.2019
Derby 1, Solms 1, HN, HD-B1, OCD-Frei, Fw: “V”, Stockmaß: 65 cm

M: Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach (Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach)
F: Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel (Heiko KS vom Osterberg x Mona vom Thüringer Zipfel)

Wren is an outstanding young male with impeccable genetics. Wren completed the Solms at 17 months of age with perfect scores. Because of the Covid-19 he was not able to participate in the Derby but received a Derby Prize 1 at the Solms. Wren has an excellent and spacious search and an outstanding nose. In the water he searches the entire pond without hesitation. His retrieves and deliveries in the drags were completed perfectly.

At the Zuchtschau the Judge’s comments included: “Young male in the Adult Class. A bold compact 65 cm proud male. Dark excellent pigment. Very good male head. Eyes mittel. Very well developed withers and an excellent topline, croup, and tail-set. His posterior angulation is flawless. Fore-chest is good and will improve with age. His depth of chest is correct. Outstanding underline. Movement is good but very pace deppend especially in the rear. Harmonious side way movement with good reach.

Summary – Despite being only seventeen months of age he has the conformation of a excellent mature male dog. Excellent bone structure and substance. Very high V male that has an outstanding conformation future.

Wren’s mother, Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach, was the V1 female at the 2018 Kleemann. She received perfect scores at the Kleemann with a 4h in the search behind the duck. Wren’s father, Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel, completed a very succefully testing career in Germany including receiving 4h’s for search without the duck and search with the duck at the 2014 Kleemann.

Wren demonstrates perfect manners with other dogs and people. He is a very happy dog always wanting to please his leader. During his education he showed a willingness to learn. Wren is an excellent hunting dog in open fields and heavy cover. He loves the water and retrieves from open water or cover.
Wren will be available to approved DK females.

Download: Ahnentafel

For additional information, call Frank O’Leary at 509-520-7483 or

Astor vom Barlager Forst ZB.Nr. 1154/18
(Lennox vom Klepelshagener Forst/Mathilda vom Geestmoor)

Derby 1, Solms 1, NAVHDA NA 1-112, UT 189 Prize 2 at 12 month old. FW SG J HD A2.
Download: Ahnentafel

Astor is a German import of a medium large size. He is an outstanding young hunting dog with a lot of drive and desire. In the field he covers a lot of ground methodically and quickly with the purpose to find game. He has a natural quartering pattern with an excellent pointing instinct and impressive style. He is a natural retriever whether on land or in water. His water work is exceptional and methodical. Astor is a passionate duck searcher that never quits. He is an elegant looking dog with a good confirmation. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs – both males and females. He is a good family dog and loves to be around children. Even though in the field he is a fast moving hunting machine, in the house he is a perfect gentleman – polite, quiet, and calm.

For further information, please contact Vito Caramia.
Cell: 780-554-4057

Karlos vom Klepelshagener Forst ZB no. 0244/16 Birth Date 02.12.2015

D1, VJP 70, HZP 185, AZP1, VSP 56B, VGP 1/336, CACIT res., LN, HN, HD A2, OCD free, Fw: V1 CAC

Karlos is an impressive V1 male, the sort of dog that commands your eye and your total attention. He has the WOW factor. He is a big, tall male weighing in at 81lbs. He is calm in everyday life and is unmatched in temperament as a family dog. In Utah he lives with 5 kids, 2 female DKs, and a male miniature schnauzer. He is a total gentleman in the home with all big and small including visitors.

Karlos is very easy to handle.  He spent the first 4 years of his life hunting nearly every day in Germany.  Rudiger Stilgenbauer, owner of the vom Klepelshagener Forst kennel in Germany has noted “everything is easy with Karlos. He is always there when you need him.” Karlos has been described as one that will go into the water in any weather and reliably chokes all predators in the field. He works with a high nose, always in contact with his handler. Here in the US from Utah to South Dakota, it’s noted that Karlos enjoys working in total lockstep with his handler and other dogs as team. Karlos has a very dense coat, strong and correct bite, and true form.  He has been bred by the Germans and has proven to produce correct and promising puppies.

Karlos has spent many days in the field and is proven across land and water including fur, waterfowl, upland game, and blood tracking.  He will gladly dispatch varmin and actively hunted wild boar in Germany.

He will be used primarily for von Wasungen owned females and a select group of approved outside DK females.

Download: Ahnentafel

Contact John Heiner for more information at 801-857-7914.

Ivan von Kings Crossing ZB Nr. 00551/11, gew. 08.03.2011
Derby I w/4h in search, Solms II w/4h in search, VGP I 307 points, HN, HD-A2 Fw: SGI, BTR
M: Checky vom Holtvogt (KS Rocky x KS Zatopec Daughter)
V: KS Yanosch vom Osterberg (KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus)

Ivan von Kings Crossing

Jager (Ivan) is a great companion and hunting partner. His intense drive and desire to produce game is matched only by the elegant and graceful manner in which he hunts. He is a stubborn retriever and does not give up on finding game. He has a very calm demeanor around the house and wants to be a part of everything we do. He loves to work and train. Jager possesses remarkable abilities and intelligence when it comes to “problem solving”. He carefully processes his environment and situation, always aware of every detail.

He has produced many wild quail, retrieved ducks and geese here in GA, pheasants in South Dakota and Iowa, grouse and woodcock in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have successfully tracked many deer. Although Jager tested very well, he is above all else a “Hunting Dog” and “Friend”. His drive is beyond comprehension and will produce excellent pups.

Download: Ahnentafel

For additional information, call Mike Grimes (706) 825-2211

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