President’s Message 

by Frank O’Leary

Well, the summer is wrapping up and the fall testing season will be starting. There hasn’t been a lot going on in the DKGNA the last month but that will be changing in September.

Next month we should have results from the Solms/VGP in Canada; the Solms/HZP/VGP in Wisconsin; and the Solms/AZP in Utah. If you have not entered your fall test you need to do so ASAP as most of the test are filling up. Remember, it is not an entry until you have submitted your entry form (and all required documents) and paid your entry fee.

Election for DKGNA Board President and the Western Regional Director positions take place this fall. The information about nominations is included in this publication.

Good luck to all of you that are testing dogs this fall.

Frank O’Leary, President

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