President’s Message 

by Frank O’Leary

Wren vom Trocken Bach and Frank O’Leary after the field search at the Walla Walla Solms

Bird hunting season in the Northwest is in full swing. The bird numbers in the Walla Walla valley appear to be good so we look forward to a enjoyable fall. Marianne and I headed to Montana and the Dakotas for a pheasant hunt prior to the opening in Washington. Unfortuniately, an artic storm came in and we were forced to head home after hunting for only one day in Montana. We were to meet Randall Cherry and Patrice in North Dakota to hunt for the week. After one day of hunting and spending the next day sitting in the motel waiting for the weather to clear Randall and Patrice also had to abandon the trip and head back to Colorado. Hopefully next year we will have better weather.

On October 3rd a Solms/AZP/Zuchtschau took place in Walla Walla, WA. The test participation was inhibited by the closure of the Canadian boarder since April. Three dogs that had entered were trapped in Canada and unable to cross the boarder to participate. Additionally, one leader with two dogs entered in the test failed to attened??? The weather for the test was great and the Judges, Mark Peasley, Test Director, Francois Aldrich, Senior Judge, and Todd Synoground conducted a great test. Wren vom Trocken Bach, Frank O’Leary leader, received a Solms Prize 1. Catja von der Niederheide, led by Scott Jacob, received a AZP Prize 1. In the Zuchtschau Wren and Catja received “V” in the Adult Male and Female Classes respectfully. Bristle vom Mountain View received a SG in the Junior Female class.

The DKGNA has one test remaining this year in North Carolina on November 7th and 8th. Lillington, NC will be the site for a Solms/AZP/Zuchtschau.

Nominations for the DKGNA Board of Directors positions of Vice-President and Secretary closed on October 20th with no nominations to run against the encumbants. Therefore, Tyler Smith, Vice-President, and Michael Albert, Secretary, will serve three year terms in their current positions from 2021-2023.

For most of the country Upland Bird hunting is in full swing. We hope everyone has a great hunting season and enjoys their dogs.

Frank O’Leary, President

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