President’s Message 

by Frank O’Leary

Marianne & Xhey doing some yard work

February means that the upland bird season is over in Washington and Oregon with the exception of the preserves. That being said I went to the golf course for the first time since the end of September and spend some much needed time practicing. It was conforting that I got most of the balls airborne. There is a lot of work to be done before Wednesday when I will join the boys for a friendly round, involving money of course, these guys have no mercy and love to feast on a fresh pigeon who can’t play to their handicap. A least theres a chance to get even in the Pitch game that will follow.

Between January 21st and January 23rd Marianne and I had the pleasure of guiding for the winners of this year’s Hunt Oregon Raffle. The winning ticket was sold to Randy Isackson by John Kreuscher both are from Gothenburg, Nebraska. John had indicated to Randy that the trip was guided when he sold the him ticket. So after the fact John asked me if we could help. Randy and his crew were a lot of fun and experienced hunters so it work out great. The dogs got a lot of work and the hunters enjoyed their trip.

The DKGNA testing season will get under way the first week of March. The 2021 DKGNA Test Schedule is available on line. Click here to view the 2021 DKGNA test schedule. Please remember that all test are subject to local regulations and restrictions so keep in touch with the Test Coordinators.

It is the time of year that mattings are taking place and litters are being born. Litters are being posted on the DKGNA wesite. Click here to view the DKGNA Litter Page. We encourage all breeders to stay in communication with Randall Cherry, DKGNA Breed Warden, to make sure you are following the new regulations. The process is not complicated if you follow the steps. We have had some breeders that didn’t and it complicated the registration and became more expensive than was necessary. Please communicate with Randall before you start the mating process.

The DKGNA has determined that our Annual Meeting will take place between September 23rd & September 26th. The event will be held in the Salt Lake City area and details will be forthcoming. We hope that the Covid-19 situation is under control and the event can take place.

Best Regards,

Frank O’Leary, President

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