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Zeus is a 3 year old dk male, neutered. Missing his a tooth so he was not able to breed so I neutered him to prevent any accidental breeding’s. Zeus is a great family dog, great nose, he is steady to flush, professionally force fetched, he completed snake avoidance training, can do basic blinds, can do 300+ yard drags  fur or feather, loves water has a few dozen goose retrieves and around 80-100 ducks. He passed his Hardness Test. He is a close ranging dog 30-60 yds typically. He weighs 70 lbs and I cant remember his height. He scored a SG(J) on Confirmation.

I’m selling because he doesn’t range as far as I like. He is a slower tempo dog so he goes at a steady 5-6mph all day while hunting. Also my wife and daughter are allergic to him and I feel guilty keeping him outside.

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