Annual Meeting

Salt Lake City, UT
September 23–26, 2021

The Desert Mountain Region- DKGNA is proud to host the 2021 Deutsch Kurzhaar Group North America Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah will be the site of the September 23-26th event.

The DKGNA is a breed club for the original German version of the German Shorthair. The DKGNA is actively involved in testing, hunting and breeding DK’s to the standards that make the breed the number one versatile dog in North America. All breeding DK’s must pass strict performance and conformation tests before the dog can be bred. Therefore, the DK pups will possess the natural ability, desire, and trainability that make this a breed a kind for all hunters.

In addition to our interest in our DK’s, the more than one hundred and fifty members of the DKGNA promote conservation, education, youth involvement and ethical hunting. We have many members that are involved and proactive in these areas. We welcome and treasure all outdoor enthusiasts who simply care for the outdoors.

The DKGNA Annual Meeting is the largest DK event in western hemisphere, combining both educational and performance testing of the Deutsch Kurzhaar and their owners. It will highlight the best Deutsch Kurzhaars in North America in a Solms/AZP fall natural ability test and a breed confirmation test. This gathering will bring forth members from all over the world (USA, Canada, Germany and more), including DKV Board Members, from Germany. During the conference the participants have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of improving conservation practices; ethical hunting; K-9 ownership and care; hunting and outdoor recreation; and improving the breed with emphasis on performance, conformation, and genetics.

During our Annual Meeting we offer sponsorship and donation opportunities at all levels of participation. We offer signage, print, and electronic exposure commensurate with your level of participation.

Annual Meeting Resources

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