“G” Litter

“G” Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: March 5th, 2024

Dam: Bee vom Aldertal
Derby Prize 1, AZP Prize 1, HN-JGHV, FW: V1, 63cm HD-A2 FREI, OCD FREI, Duck Certified-JGHV

Bee (a.k.a Eefje) is the next generation of noble offspring from Adlertal kennels. Bred to be a tough working dog and following the desired qualities of the DKV breed standard, Eefje is a blessing to receive. With many gratitudes to her breeders (135 years) and heritage we are delighted to present Bee vom Adlertal! Eefje has the temperament highly desired to be calm in the home and love toward young children. Her high intelligence allows her to tolerate feline pets in the home, yet in the field has the desire to dispatch fox and hares. Eefje hunts from September through March hunting season for various grouse, partridge, quail, waterfowl, pheasant, etc. She was lucky to hunt game in Europe and North America in 2023. Dr. Dagmar judged her show conformation to earn a V1 at a young age. Eefje has the prime qualities desired to breed and bring joy to other pet owners. 

Sire: Amigo KS vom Seeliggrund
BTR, D1, HN, HFL 1 P. 80P., SJ, S1, VGP 1 P. 336 P./B&B, Bringselverweiser, VBR BP, HD A2; OCD/ED free, FW: SG, Brschl.m.Pln., ZB-Nr. 1022/20, wt. on 07/07/2020

Amigo is a compact, Powerful, elegant male of the middle loft (65 cm height). He scored 2nd highest at his Kleemann. It impresses with its dark pigment and its pleasant nature. He’s friendly and stress-free towards conspecifics and shows exceptional willingness to learn. Already in the first year of the exam he was able to deliver impeccable performances and at the climax the VGP insist.

Just like his father Jester KS Anjules as well as his grandfather Dexter KS von der Königsleite, he shows great Services in the water. On the occasion of the Solms, Amigo was able to show this and received a well-deserved “h” in the subject Browse with Duck. He will in the meantime used on duck and drive hunts and shows Perseverance, the will to find and great pointing manners. Especially the calm and concentrated work in the Welding work.

When it comes to predators, he is uncompromising and intelligent and in return loving and uncomplicated in the family. I would describe Amigo as a “cool sock”!

Kleemann comments from judges:

The male dog showed a brisk, persistent, systematic search in all searches with a very good spatial distribution and with the best nose guidance and a strong willingness to find. The searching style always met the requirements of a Kleemann dog. In the second search (pair search), the male dog finds a pheasant cock, stands forward and impressively follows it over about 20 meters. When retightening, it always falls into place and thus prevents the tap from being pulled off prematurely. This allows the handler to catch up with his dog, as well as the area leader with a weapon. The handler kicks the squeezing rooster out in front of the dog. The male acknowledges the brushing roosters (3 roosters) when the shot is fired without the handler’s intervention. He also shows these fine manners in a fallow piece with a stick serve. There he independently adapts his search pace to the dense vegetation and once again stands in front of a squeezing rooster in an impressive manner. Here, too, he acknowledges the rooster brushing off without the driver’s influence. In a further search, the dog was once again able to convince the judges of his hunting intelligence through his behavior on a snipe. The male dog’s performance in searching and pointing was rated 4h by the group of judges. The male dog accepted the water at a single, quiet command and systematically searched the bank areas including the reed areas. He continued the concentrated work style that he had shown in the field here. He found the duck that had been released for the dog and pushed it onto the open water surface. He picked up the killed duck and carried it to his guide. The delivery was without any problems. Bullet resistance was determined.

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“G” Litter
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