Vom Blue Grouse – B Litter

Whelping Date: June 14th, 2024

5 boys, 8 girls

This beautiful litter of 13 pups, still has a view available! Picture is taken at 4 days of age – spots will be coming in soon.

Rebecca Woodman, vom Blue Grouse Kennel (www.bluegrouseranch.com) bluegrousekennel@gmail.com

Nova vom Thüringer Zipfel B.Nr 0632/19

D1, AZP2(4H in pointing), HD A2,OCD Frei, Formwert V

Nova is a very elegant female with an exceptional use of her nose. She covers a large search area in a short time. She is very agile at a high speed, keeping her going for many hours at a time covering more ground than most dogs. She has learned to avoid cactuses at running speed and maneuvers amazingly well in different conditions and settings.

She excels at pointing Grouse and Pheasants and has a phenomenal drive to hunt.

Nova lives on a Cattle ranch and is accustom to many animals, such as cattle, horses, pigs, other dogs but most important our Free range chickens; which she has come to learn to accept.

She is a very affectioned dog, especially tolerant of children and has a good sense of protecting instinct. Nova loves water, retrieves ducks without a problem and is a wonderful loyal dog.

Nova came from Germany at 6 month of age, hand picked by Reiner Schad vom Thüringer Zipfel, a well known breeder of many decades in Germany.

Quinn vom Klepelshagener Forst ZB.Nr. 1111/18

D1, S1, VGP 1/334P, BTR, VBR, HN, LN, Formwert V, HD A1, OCD frei

For further information about the stud, please contact John Heiner (heinerjd@yahoo.com)

Quinn is a proven stud having bred many times in Germany and sired remarkable pups spread throughout the world. As a Kleemann (KS) dog we are excited to bring this caliber of dog into approved breeding programs here in North America. We are especially grateful to Marieke Hein for entrusting us with such a remarkable DK.

Quinn arrived in Utah spring of 2023 and was hand delivered by his former owners. To say this dog is loved by both his German and US families is an understatement. Beyond his accolades in the German system, Quinn’s most notable trait is his temperament. He has quickly adapted to being loved by over 20 kids and grandkids and if we didn’t require his best behavior, he is the type of dog that would end up on your lap. He is eager to please and adapts quickly to new environments.

Marieke describes Quinn as “very easy-going, intelligent dog.” Furthermore, she states that “during hunting, whether in the field, in the water or on searches, he impresses with his very high passion, coupled with intelligence and stamina. His predatory sharpness is absolutely uncompromising.”

If you know, you know. the Klepelshagener Forst lines have proven time and time again to develop both champions in the show ring and field. These dogs consistently exhibit dense coats, intelligent and biddable minds, and true confirmations. Calm in the home and fierce in the field. If you are interested in learning more about Quinn, we are making him available to approved bitches throughout North America.  Contact John Heiner at (801) 857-7914. Follow Quinn’s continued development here in the US on Instagram @vonwasungen.  www.vonwasungen.com

Vom Blue Grouse – B Litter
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