Vom Bosque River – G Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: August 1st, 2024

Arielle von Feuer-Haus 0617/19 – D1, AZP3, HDA2, HN, Fw: SG

Grand Dam: Juno Anjules 0798/14 – Dq, VJP69, S1, BTR, S1, HDA2, VGP, Fw: V
Grand Sire: Nick vom Sparta 0629/13 – D1, S1, LN, VBRN, HDA2, VGP, Fw: V

Arielle von Feuer-Haus

Arielle, aka call name “Betty” is a truly special dog. She is one of the most trusting and affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. Her desire to retrieve is unmatched by any of the other dogs I’ve ever worked with, whether mine or my clients. She has a beautiful field search, does well in the water, and just wants to cuddle in the house. Her natural abilities are something truly great….she passed the AZP without any training! Her prize 3 was based solely on natural ability. When the opportunity to acquire this girl came knocking, I jumped on it. She has a special match of bloodlines in her pedigree, her natural abilities are incredible, and her personality is very endearing. She has hunted quail, pheasant, ducks, coons, rabbits, and I’m told she has tracked some deer in her previous home. She received an SG rating in conformation but the judge said she should be a V. She had a broken leg when she was a pup and it didnt heal quite right – it’s not really visible unless youre looking for it, but she has just a tiny limp in that leg. The judge said if it wasn’t for that she’d be a high V dog. She’s a nice moderate size at 59cm, and well muscled. I’m very thankful to have her as part of my crew. She’s quite the joy to hunt over and just a fun dog to have at home.

Achilles vom Texas A1 0975/19 – AZP2, HDA2, OCD-Frei, HN, Fw: V

Grand Dam: Queen von Kings Crossing 0630/14 – D1, S1, Fw: V, HDA2, VGP
Grand Sire: Payton von Kings Crossing 0098/14 – D1, S1, Fw: V, HDA1, HN, VGP

Achilles vom Texas A1 0975/19

Achilles is a nicely muscled, thick bodied and balanced male that is within the breed standard for height (65cm). He has a lot of drive and endurance and has actively hunted a wide variety of game including wild pheasant, quail, prairie grouse, woodcock, ducks, doves, rabbits, raccoons, and blood tracked multiple deer. He nicely quarters a field and is a medium-range dog, and his water search is phenomenal – he absolutely thrives in the water. He has on many occasions swam for several hours on his own accord, searching for anything to retrieve while I was out doing other chores, then would bring to me whatever he found even if i was nowhere near the water! He is very much a companion-minded hunter. I would say retrieving is one of his stronger traits. In the house he is very relaxed and has never been a “chewer” – I could trust him even as a youngster to be in the house unattended. So many people have and continue to comment on how attractive he is as well. He truly is a well-balanced hunting and family dog.

I expect this litter will have a ton of drive, will be truly versatile, good water and exceptional field dogs, and be great at home as well. For more information please contact Russell Fees / 254-592-6735 / dktexas2016@gmail.com

Vom Bosque River – G Litter
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