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Anticipated Whelp Date: Mid-August 2023

Bruinhilda vom Himmel Fallen 0649/21

D1, HZP 166; FW: V, HD: B1; 64cm

Sire: Dark vom Schatzeberg
D1, S2, HZP 161, AZP 1, VGP 2, SJ, LN, HN, SG

Dam: Gala vom Hidden Creek
D1 (4H search), S3, SJ, BTR, AZP (4H duck search), SI, HN, V

Bruinhilda (Buffy) is a very affectionate family dog that loves everyone big and small. Lots of drive and desire in the field and woods yet calm and content in the house.

She has an excellent head, neck, topline, and bottom-line, carrying herself as a proud, elegant female. Proven on land and water including fur, waterfowl, upland game, and blood tracking. Passionate duck searcher that never quits and natural backer in the field.  She works on a wild game farm in south Louisiana, hunting pheasant, quail, doves, ducks, and rabbits as well as blood tracking large game.

Augustus vom kleinen Fluss 0086/17

D1(j), D1* (Andreas Star), HZP 164, AZP 1, BTR, SJ (Saujager), SI, HN; FW:SG, HD: A2 68 cm

Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg
D1, VJP 70, S1, VGP1, HN, V

Dam: Dixie vom Speidel
D1, S1, VGP1, V

Augustus (Taz) impresses with his calm, serene attitude, and his family-friendly nature.  His choke bored nose is evident in the field while standing in front of game and is a natural backer.  He is very good with like species but has no compromise to predators.  Taz is comfortable and quiet in the house, kennel, or vehicle.  He is naturally social around humans, especially small children due to his excellent breeding with Bento v.d. Kopperberg and Dixie v. Speidel.  Taz works on a full-time hunting operation in Alabama over 100 days per year.  He completed his first Derby at 5 ½ months old with all 4s and was working in the hunting precinct at the same time as a guide dog.  He is an absolute joy to have around whether in the field or at home.

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des Southern Bayou
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