Maya & Colt

Zwinger vom Ivan Haus

Whelping Date – June 18, 2022

2 Males / 8 Females

Meracus Maya

ZB Nr. 9010/17, gew. 24.05.2017
M: Fi Ch Fiona KS von der Königsleite
V: Unkas KS vom Theelshof

Derby Prize 1 (4h Nose, 4h Search); Solms Prize 1 (Perfect Score); VGP Prize 1 (304 points); HD-A2; SG

Maya was imported from Kennel Meracus in Finland because of the potentially outstanding breeding between Fi Ch Fiona KS von der Königsleite and Unkas KS vom Theelshof. We are very pleased with Maya’s performance in tests but her accomplishments in the field and water have proven she is at another level. Her drive and intensity are unlike any we’ve ever seen. Even with her exceptional drive, she is biddable and an absolute joy to train. Extremely intelligent, her ability to reason and make the correct decision is remarkable. From grouse in the thick cover of Wisconsin to the piney savannahs of Georgia, she adapts to both terrain and game with the seasoned maturity of an older dog but the athleticism of a youngster. A relentless retriever in the field and water, her recovery percentage is unheard of. She will certainly be a fantastic addition to the North American bloodlines.

Colt vom Golden Sun

ZB Nr. 0756/19, gew. 17.05.2019
M: Beatrix vom Golden Sun (Finn vom Hollantal x Ottie vom Kings Crossing)
V: KS Oscar vom Theelshof (KS Polo vom Gleistal x Ida vom Theelshof )

Derby (COVID-19 Credit), Solms Prize 1; BTR; HN; HD-A2; SG.

Colt is a great companion and hunting partner. His intense drive and desire to produce game is matched only by the elegant and graceful manner in which he hunts. He is a stubborn retriever and does not give up on finding game. He has a very calm demeanor around the house and wants to be a part of everything we do. He loves to work and train. Colt possesses remarkable abilities and intelligence when it comes to “problem solving”. He carefully processes his environment and situation, always aware of every detail.

He has produced many quail, retrieved ducks and doves here in GA, pheasants in South Dakota and Nebraska Although Colt has only tested to the Solms level with a Prize 1, he is scheduled to test in his VGP this coming Fall.. His drive is beyond comprehension and will produce excellent pups.

This pairing should produce extremely biddable dogs, easily trained with an unmatched desire to please. Wonderful around small children.

For additional information, call Mike Grimes at 706-825-2211 or email

Maya & Colt
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