Kosmo & Donna

Vom Salbei – A Litter

Anticipated Whelping Date: May 25, 2023

Kosmo vom Sauwerder

D1, S1a 4h live duck, HZP181, LN (according to the track), HN, BTR, VGP1, FS3, HD A2, 
Fw: SG1f, V3, 64 cm

Kosmo is a very well pigmented brown gray male of the middle breed (height 64 cm) with a brown head and a beautiful jacket. He was described as a male with a masculine male head, very well attached and carried ears, ideal back line and very good erection. As a yearling, he was already fully convincing at the breed shows. Kosmo is characterized by a high willingness to work in the field, forest and water (live duck grade 4h). Significant is his leader-related, persistent work with great joy, which made it easy for his first-time leader to master the tests in the 1st field. The male has a positive, self-confident nature and is socially compatible with other dogs.
Kosmo comes from a faultless litter.

Owner:  Klaus Schlichting, 21714 Hammah, Tel. 0151/20786938

More information about Kosmo at www.sauwerder.de

Donna II vom Holtvogt, ZB-Nr.:0515/21

D1(J) (4h pointing ), S1 (J) , HZP 182P. (waterwork 11P.), BTR, VGP1 (333), Fw: SG3 HDO A-1, OCD-free, HD-A1, 63cm

Donna is a striking, large, elegant and industrious female with highly desirable conformation. She has a noble head, proper lines, dark pigmentation, and a dense coat. Donna has a big, beautiful search and she shows a strong prey drive. She is methodical, smart and the use of her nose and her drive are some of her most noted talents. She is as comfortable in water, as she is on land and has displayed her unique and superior abilities in her whole testing career in Germany. In her Derby she has received  4h in pointing, and in her HZP/VGP  (11P in water work) she proved her very strong passion for water work, and she  is an extremely reliable retriever.. She has outstanding bloodlines, a wonderful temperament, and is fantastic with people, children, and other dogs. 

Owner: Joshua White, PO Box 311, Bellevue, ID 83313

Email: vomsalbeiDK@gmail.com

Kosmo & Donna
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