Gala & Dark

vom Himmel Fallen (B Litter)

Anticipated Whelping Date – February 19, 2021
(6 males, 3 females)
This is a pairing of two extremely good hunting dogs. Hunting homes only. COI:F=3.52%

Gala vom Hidden Creek 0511/16
D1 (4h Search), S3, AZP1 (4H Duck Search), BTR, SJ (Saujager), HN, Sichlaut, FW: V1, HD: A2 (62cm 70lbs)

V: Bento von der Kopperburg 0614/10 – D1, VJP 70, AH,S1,VGP1,HD:A1 Fw:V, 66328/1
M: Cayenne vom Hidden Creek 0993/12 – VJP67, D1, S1,VGP2,HD:A2, Fw:V, 67240/2

Download: Ahnentafel

Gala is a very noble and courageous female that works on a full time hunting operation in Alabama. She has the sought after qualities for field, water work, and tracking that make her one of the top guide dogs on the operation. A very biddable and affectionate dog, yet uncompromising on prey. 

Described in the Zuchtschau as a “strikingly beautiful female”. She was the SG1 youth female at the 2017 annual meeting, and received a V rating the same fall at 19 months old.  Gala was awarded a V1 in the spring of 2019.

Outside of her work, Gala lives in the house and is perfectly content with everyone, including other dogs and young children.

Maggie had remarkable success in her education in Germany with Mr. Siegfried Hofstetter as the leader. She completed the Derby, Solms, and VGP before the age two years old. Lead by Holger Hensel at the 2018 Kleemann Maggie achieved her KS while receiving perfect scores and a 4h in search behind the live duck. In conformation classes Maggie was the V1 hündin at DK Klub Südbaden; the V4 Female from seventy-four participating at the 2016 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung; the V1 Female at the Westfalen Zuchtschau from eighteen participating; and at the 2018 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung Maggie was the V1 Female from sixty-nine participating.

Dark vom Schätzeberg 0668/18
D1, HZP 161, S2, AZP1, SJ (Saujager), LN, HN, FW:SG. HD-B1 (65cm 73lbs) Schwschl.m.Pln.

V: Dexter v. Nemerower Holz 0311/08 D2,D1,SJ,BTR,AZP1,VGP3,HN,FW:V HDA2
M: Only KS v. Westermoor 0347/15 D1,S1,VGP1,BTR,SJ,IKP1,SW1,LN, FW:V HDA2

Download: Ahnentafel

Dark (Dolph) is an experienced hunter of the Prussian colour. He hunts small and large game, has a strong will to track and is absolutely happy to bring you any small game. In the water he rummages relentlessly and persistently. When hunting, he is calm and balanced and a pleasant hunting companion. Dolph was imported from Germany at 4 months old and has became a wonderful addition to our family. Along with being a dutiful and ardent hunter, he is at ease and very playful and loving with children and gets along well with like species. Dolph is truly a versatile dog. Excels at every endeavor, a real joy to have at your side in working and play.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Tyler Silcox at 251-564-6613, email

Gala & Dark
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