F-Litter vom Cedar Valley (Delta & Andy)

Vom Cedar Valley


Whelped June 19, 2023

Delta vom Cedar Valley

Z B.Nr. 1034/20 Gew. am: 07-07-2020 Brshl.m.br.K.u.Pln. 
Derby Prize 1 4H search Solms Prize 1 4H search behind the duck VGP Prize II Zuchtschau JK SG

Derby p1 with a 4h in search (large sweeping search, nose driven, hunting all available cover, leaving nothing uncovered) Solms P1 with a 4h in search behind the duck (dog covered great expanse of water, picking up duck track numerous times, produced duck on far shore) VGP ll 279 duck search 4

Zuchtschau JK SG  typical female head, long dry neck, topline, croup, and tail set correct. Fore chest and depth of chest correct. Bottom line correct as well as front and rear angulation correct. Coming and going correct had great presence and developed for her age.

Delta is a strong and powerful female. She is cooperative and intelligent. Delta’s search in both field and water is amazing to watch! I use her to guide upland hunts at a Orvis-endorsed lodge and duck hunt with her on the Mississippi fly way. She is a loving family member that can be trusted with dogs and small children. Delta is a full-time house dog that rides well in the car.

Andy vom Tekoa Mountain

ZB Nr. 0986/18; Gew. am:02.07.2018; Derby Prize 1 4H nose and search; AZP Prize 1; VGP Prize 1(306 points) 4H in search.;  HN; FW. “V”; 2022 Ehren President’s award for top VGP dog

Andy is an exceptional male Deutsch Kurzhaar with an intense and exuberant work ethic paired with the ability to turn it all off when he is in the home.  The combination of these two qualities makes him a pleasure to train and hunt behind, as well as live with. He has received a V rating and was described at the Zuchtschau as having a noble head, correct top and bottom lines, as well as a correct tail set and his pigmentation as dark. Standing at 65 centimeters tall and weighing 74 pounds, he is a perfectly sized male in both height and frame size.

Andy is extremely motivated to complete any task given to him, whether it be in the field, timber, or on the water. All while displaying great levels of cooperation and stamina. His ability to focus on a task and accept training is shown in his test scores. At his Derby, Andy received a Prize 1 with all 4s and two 4Hs in Nose and Search at just 8 months old.  His exceptional work was noted by the judges as “Wide search, textbook quartering, turning correctly into the wind, and search dominated by his nose”.  He also earned a Prize 1 (all 4s) at his AZP.  Andy’s work ethic and cooperation were once again displayed at his VGP test where he received a Prize 1 (306 points) with a 4H in Search. The judges’ remarks included- “The search was nose-driven, methodical, covering the field entirely leaving no area uncovered”. His high score accompanied by a 4H in Search earned him the 2022 Ehrens President’s award for highest scoring VGP dog.

Andy’s balance of natural abilities, biddability, desire to work, and the sought after “off switch” in the home is the complete package and it is what sets him apart from his peers.  However, I feel his greatest attribute is his fun-loving personality. His positive, high-spirited nature is truly contagious and a characteristic that is definitely unmatched.

Vom Cedar Valley
Jim Shupe

F-Litter vom Cedar Valley (Delta & Andy)
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