Caro & Jester

Zwinger vom Adlertal

Whelped December 14th, 2020
(4 males, 5 females)

Caro von der Niederheide

Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, FW: SG, HZP/Niedersachsen

Caro is a leader in the field and takes charge.  She has a soft mouth, and has been licensed in Germany to hunt with HZP/Niedersachsen  overnight-1200-yard blood track and feather track certification. 

A princess in nature and a master in the field searching for game. Caro has frequently been used to hunt hares in Germany and upland game. 

She carries an intelligent mind that helps her adapt quickly in the field and a quick learner.

Jester KS Anjules
D1, VJP 71, S1, HZP 178, VGP 321p, HN, Fw: V, CACIB, BOB/CAC, IKP1, KS, HD-A1, SW1, VBR, BTR, LN

Jester is a compact, powerful, elegant male, and a medium size (65 cm). Jester (Max) has dark pigment and carries a pleasant nature. He is friendly and stress-free towards cooperation and shows an extraordinary willingness to learn. In the first year of examinations, he was able to deliver impeccable performance and at his prime he passed the VGP.

Like his father Dexter KS von der Königsleite, he shows great performances in the field and in the water. He shows perseverance and a tireless will to find, as well as solid determination until the end of each hunt. Particularly noteworthy is his calm nature and concentrated work and performance.

Max is uncompromising and intelligent when it comes to predatory game and in return is loving and uncomplicated in the family. Jester lives with three wonderful children and his late Father, Dexter.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Scott Jacob at 206-681-6825, email or visit

Caro & Jester
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