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Whelped April 22, 2023: 9 males, 2 females

Bozo vom Odins Wald

ZBR# 0644/19 from Mespelbrunn, Germany: D 1, S 2, AZP 1, SW 1, BTR, HN, BP, VGP1 333P., Formwert AK: 2xV, BOB, Größe 66cm, HD A1

Bozo is an accomplished sire in Germany earning a Best-of Breed title in conformation as well as finishing his VGP exam with a prize 1 333 points. Bozo is a noble, strong and well-muscled male of the middle class with typical male head, noble ram (Roman) nose and dark pigment. He earned BOB (Best of Breed) in Germany (Best Pointer form at the AK). He has very well attached and carried ears, a correct top and bottom line with very good chest depth. His tail is also very nicely attached and carried. Bozo lives in the house as a family member and is a very quiet fellow.

He loves children, is very open-minded, problem-free and easy to handle. He always behaves calmly and exemplary towards his fellow dogs. In the field he shows a long-range search with very good use of the nose. He is extremely motivated on the water with great stamina and willingness to find things. When it comes to predatory game, he hunts very hard and uncompromisingly, which he has already proven several times on raccoons. On the blood trail he works extremely calmly and with concentration.

Catja von der Niederheide

ZBR# 0951/18 from Dusseldorf, Germany: Derby Prize 1, SolmsAZP Prize 1, FW: V, Größe 61cm, HD A1 (Eros KS vom Hirschenacker x Brill KS Sumuhazi Vadasz)

Catja stands with excellent posture and carries herself with a noble presence. Her paws are tight and she stands on her toes looking elegant and proper.  Catja (Millie) has the temperament any person would desire. Her love to people and her desire to please brings success with hunting/social activities. She loves to retrieve marked game in the water and in the field.  A princess in nature, Millie has a calm disposition which is enjoyable in the home.  Millie has a very strong prey drive and is “hell on wheels” with game.  With her medium size she has wonderful endurance in the mountains chasing Dusky grouse all week long.  With her calm disposition, she is a delight with children being very tolerable.  As a mother she does not need to be separated from her pups even though she has the option because she is very loving.  Even during the “5-8 week period” she calmly corrects her puppies with excellent social skills all while never getting upset them.  Usually after a mild correction, her puppies realize they don’t want to challenge mama anymore because she will hold them down and let them know about manners.

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Bozo & Catja
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