Anna & Dark

Zwinger vom Rising Son Kennel

Whelping Date – June 7, 2022

Dam: Anna vom Bosque River
Brisco von Solilo AZP2, FW V, HD-A2, HN
Gina vom Hidden Creek D1, S3, FW V, HD-A1, HN

NAVHDA Prize 1 ( 112 ), D1, AZP1, FW SG, HD-A2, OCD-FREI

Anna is an amazing family and hunting dog. She is very calm and mentally stable. She does what she was bred to do very well. She has hunted wild bird’s , quail, chucker, pheasant’s, and does guided quail hunts in Alabama. As a first time handler training her was a pleasure, everything seemed to come natural for her, her test scores reflect that. She loves the water and is a outstanding retriever. This breeding will make some very sweet and loving family members as well as some of the best hunting dogs you could hope for.

Dark vom Schätzeberg 0668/18

D1, HZP 161, S2, AZP1, SJ (Saujager), LN, HN, FW:SG. HD-B1 (65cm 73lbs) Schwschl.m.Pln. V: Dexter v. Nemerower Holz 0311/08 D2,D1,SJ,BTR,AZP1,VGP3,HN,FW:V HDA2 M: Only KS v. Westermoor 0347/15 D1,S1,VGP1,BTR,SJ,IKP1,SW1,LN, FW:V HDA2

Dark (Dolph) is an experienced hunter of the Prussian colour. He hunts small and large game, has a strong will to track and is absolutely happy to bring you any small game. In the water he rummages relentlessly and persistently. When hunting, he is calm and balanced and a pleasant hunting companion. Dolph was imported from Germany at 4 months old and has became a wonderful addition to our family. Along with being a dutiful and ardent hunter, he is at ease and very playful and loving with children. Dolph gets along well with like species, yet has no tolerance to robbery. Dolph is truly a versatile dog. Excels at every endeavor, a real joy to have at your side in working and play.

For more info contact: Stephen Barnard ” Whitesboro, Texas ” by phone: (805) 857-3933 or email:

Anna & Dark
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