Adele & Astor

Von Reinheit – B Litter

Expected Whelping Date December 18, 2022

Adele vom Hochland  ZB.Nr 0355/17, D1(4H in pointing), AZP3, HD A2, SG

Adele (Piper) is everything you would want in a hunting dog! She is beautiful, hard working, stylish, and driven. She is slightly larger than many females (about 67lbs), and threw an excellent first litter. Piper has a sweet temperament until she is on game, then she flips the switch and becomes all business and aggressive. She was pointing and retrieving at 12 weeks of age. She jumped in the lake on her first visit to water and was very easy to train. I have always felt she had more than I could bring out. Piper has an exceptional nose and would track rabbits at full speed during her tests. Please watch this video to see her in action:

For further information contact Mike Madsen at or 801 879 6655.

Astor vom Barlager Forst ZB.Nr. 1154/18
(Lennox vom Klepelshagener Forst/Mathilda vom Geestmoor)

Derby 1, Solms 1, NAVHDA NA 1-112, UT 189 Prize 2 at 12 month old, VGP Prize 1 (309 points), FW V1 HD A2

Astor is a German import of a medium large size. He is an outstanding young hunting dog with a lot of drive and desire. In the field he covers a lot of ground methodically and quickly with the purpose to find game. He has a natural quartering pattern with an excellent pointing instinct and impressive style. He is a natural retriever whether on land or in water. His water work is exceptional and methodical. Astor is a passionate duck searcher that never quits. He is an elegant looking dog with a good confirmation. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs – both males and females. He is a good family dog and loves to be around children. Even though in the field he is a fast moving hunting machine, in the house he is a perfect gentleman – polite, quiet, and calm.

For further information about the litter contact Mike Madsen at or (801) 879-6655.

Adele & Astor
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