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Vom Blue Grouse – A Litter

Whelping Date February 17th, 2023

6 boys, 1 girl

This beautiful litter of 7 pups, still has a view males available! Picture is taken at 2 days of age – spots will be coming in soon. 2 brown and 6 black colored pups (female is the second dog on top, SOLD) Rebecca Woodman, vom Blue Grouse Kennel,

Nova vom Thüricher Zipfel ZB.Nr 0632/19
D1, AZP2(4H in pointing), HD A2,OCD Frei, V

Nova vom Thüringer Zipfel

Nova is a very elegant female with an exceptional use of her nose. She covers a large search area in a short time. She is very agile at a high speed, keeping her going for many hours at a time covering more ground than most dogs. She has learned to avoid cactuses at running speed and maneuvers amazingly well in different conditions and settings.

She excels at pointing Grouse and Pheasants and has a phenomenal drive to hunt.

Nova lives on a Cattle ranch and is accustom to many animals, such as cattle, horses, pigs, other dogs but most important our Free range chickens; which she has come to learn to accept.

She is a very affectione dog, especially tolerant of children and has a good sense of protecting instinct. Nova loves water, retrieves ducks without a problem and is a wonderful loyal dog.

Nova came from Germany at 6 month of age, hand picked by Reiner Schad vom Thüringer Zipfel, a well known breeder of many decades in Germany.

Karlos vom Klepelshagener Forst ZB.Nr. 0244/16
D1, VJP 70, HZP 185, AZP 1, VGP 1/336 CACIT Reserve, VStP 56B, HN, LN, SJ, VBR, HD A2, OCD frei, FW: V1-CAC (Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion VDH) 81lbs.

For further information about the stud, please contact John Heiner

Karlos vom Klepelshagener Forst

Karlos is an impressive V1 male, the sort of dog that commands your eye and your total attention. Known as the DogFather, he has that WOW factor. He is a big, tall male weighing in at 81lbs. He is calm in everyday life and is unmatched in temperament as a family dog. In Utah he lives with 5 kids, 2 female DKs, and a male miniature schnauzer. He is a total gentleman in the home with all big and small including visitors.

Karlos is very easy to handle.  He spent the first 4 years of his life hunting nearly every day in Germany.  Rudiger Stilgenbauer, owner of the vom Klepelshagener Forst kennel in Germany has noted “everything is easy with Karlos. He is always there when you need him.” Karlos has been described as one that will go into the water in any weather and reliably chokes all predators in the field. He works with a high nose, always in contact with his handler. Here in the US from Utah to South Dakota, it’s noted that Karlos enjoys working in total lockstep with his handler and other dogs as team. Karlos has a very dense black roaned coat, strong and correct bite, and true form.  He has been bred by the Germans and has proven to produce correct and promising puppies.

Karlos has spent many days in the field and is proven across land and water including fur, waterfowl, upland game, and blood tracking.  He will gladly dispatch varmin and actively hunted wild boar in Germany.

He will be used primarily for von Wasungen owned females and a select group of approved outside DK females.

Vom Wüstenjäger

Anticipated Whelping Date February, 2023

Bentley vom Adlertal
ZB.Nr. 0544/21, birthday 02/01/2021
D1(search 4h), S1, HN, V, HD A2, OCD free

Bentley vom Adlertal comes from the pairing of Prinz vom Kepelshagener Forst and Katja von der Niederheide. Both parents were imported from Germany.

Bentley is a solid liver athletic male with a strong masculine build. He is medium to large in stature, with a stable, calm, and proud demeanor. Bentley is cooperative and biddable, making him very easy to train. He is works well with his handler staying connected in the field, ranging close when cover is heavy and ranging farther away when the terrain is more open making him a reliable and pleasant hunting companion. He has a strong prey drive and will enthusiastically hunt all day. His strengths in the field include a strong nose, thorough quartering search, steady point, natural backing of a point, energetic retrieving, scent tracking, high water desire and excellent water work. He loves to retrieve from land and water and was very easy to train to retrieve to hand.

By nature, Bentley is curious and loving and enjoys being with people. He is a companionable house dog, interacting well with both adults and children. He is friendly towards fellow dogs and strangers and lives both in the house and in the outdoor kennel.

Owner: Barry Childs, 10136 N 6650 W, Highland Utah, 84003

Bree vom kleinen Fluss
ZB. Nr. 1243/17, DOB: 27/08/2017
D1, D2, S1 (search behind live duck 4h), SG, HD A1
63 cm ~ 65 lbs

Bree (aka Tracy) is liver roan, larger female, yet is still within the standard at 63 cm. She is equally happy to run all day in search of birds or spend the day on the couch in someone’s lap.

Tracy has never met another dog or person that she did not get along with. She is a very affectionate dog and was easy to train. Some of her strong attributes are, she has a very good nose, locating pheasants downed in a standing corn field without having seen the bird as she was in the truck.  She did her rabbit drag on a full speed run out and back never veering from the track. Her search desire for ducks was noted and rewarded with a 4H also at her Solms. Unfortunately, following her Solms test, Tracy was not able to continue her preparation for VGP as she had swallowed whole walnuts on 3 separate occasions requiring abdominal surgeries each time. The first time nearly took her life.

Tracy was not bred until she was 3 1/2 years old. This will be her third litter and we will be keeping a female pup from this pairing for a replacement female. The previous two breeding’s have produced some excellent dogs.  All the pups were very uniform in temperament and desire to please, high prey drive paired with a strong natural point, love of water, excellent work ethic and trainability. 

We do not breed often, typically only when we or a close friend want a puppy. This will be our eighth breeding in 18 years of owning DK’s.  Most of that time we have had 3 females on the place, never a male of our own. We feel this makes us search for the best stud dog that complements our female, instead of using a convenient male residing in the back yard. We feel we have found this with Tracy’s previous breeding with Charger and after seeing Bentley run his Derby and discussing his Solms with one of his judges and talking with Barry we feel this will be a great match.

At this time we are very excited to announce our intentions to do this pairing during Tracy’s next heat cycle anticipated in the first quarter of 2023, likely February.

Call or text Wayne at 509-778-1198

Von Reinheit – B Litter

Expected Whelping Date December 18, 2022

Adele vom Hochland  ZB.Nr 0355/17, D1(4H in pointing), AZP3, HD A2, SG

Adele (Piper) is everything you would want in a hunting dog! She is beautiful, hard working, stylish, and driven. She is slightly larger than many females (about 67lbs), and threw an excellent first litter. Piper has a sweet temperament until she is on game, then she flips the switch and becomes all business and aggressive. She was pointing and retrieving at 12 weeks of age. She jumped in the lake on her first visit to water and was very easy to train. I have always felt she had more than I could bring out. Piper has an exceptional nose and would track rabbits at full speed during her tests. Please watch this video to see her in action:

For further information contact Mike Madsen at or 801 879 6655.

Astor vom Barlager Forst ZB.Nr. 1154/18
(Lennox vom Klepelshagener Forst/Mathilda vom Geestmoor)

Derby 1, Solms 1, NAVHDA NA 1-112, UT 189 Prize 2 at 12 month old, VGP Prize 1 (309 points), FW V1 HD A2

Astor is a German import of a medium large size. He is an outstanding young hunting dog with a lot of drive and desire. In the field he covers a lot of ground methodically and quickly with the purpose to find game. He has a natural quartering pattern with an excellent pointing instinct and impressive style. He is a natural retriever whether on land or in water. His water work is exceptional and methodical. Astor is a passionate duck searcher that never quits. He is an elegant looking dog with a good confirmation. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs – both males and females. He is a good family dog and loves to be around children. Even though in the field he is a fast moving hunting machine, in the house he is a perfect gentleman – polite, quiet, and calm.

For further information about the litter contact Mike Madsen at or (801) 879-6655.

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