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des Southern Bayou

des Southern Bayou

Anticipated Whelp Date: Mid-August 2023

Bruinhilda vom Himmel Fallen 0649/21

D1, HZP 166; FW: V, HD: B1; 64cm

Sire: Dark vom Schatzeberg
D1, S2, HZP 161, AZP 1, VGP 2, SJ, LN, HN, SG

Dam: Gala vom Hidden Creek
D1 (4H search), S3, SJ, BTR, AZP (4H duck search), SI, HN, V

Bruinhilda (Buffy) is a very affectionate family dog that loves everyone big and small. Lots of drive and desire in the field and woods yet calm and content in the house.

She has an excellent head, neck, topline, and bottom-line, carrying herself as a proud, elegant female. Proven on land and water including fur, waterfowl, upland game, and blood tracking. Passionate duck searcher that never quits and natural backer in the field.  She works on a wild game farm in south Louisiana, hunting pheasant, quail, doves, ducks, and rabbits as well as blood tracking large game.

Augustus vom kleinen Fluss 0086/17

D1(j), D1* (Andreas Star), HZP 164, AZP 1, BTR, SJ (Saujager), SI, HN; FW:SG, HD: A2 68 cm

Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg
D1, VJP 70, S1, VGP1, HN, V

Dam: Dixie vom Speidel
D1, S1, VGP1, V

Augustus (Taz) impresses with his calm, serene attitude, and his family-friendly nature.  His choke bored nose is evident in the field while standing in front of game and is a natural backer.  He is very good with like species but has no compromise to predators.  Taz is comfortable and quiet in the house, kennel, or vehicle.  He is naturally social around humans, especially small children due to his excellent breeding with Bento v.d. Kopperberg and Dixie v. Speidel.  Taz works on a full-time hunting operation in Alabama over 100 days per year.  He completed his first Derby at 5 ½ months old with all 4s and was working in the hunting precinct at the same time as a guide dog.  He is an absolute joy to have around whether in the field or at home.

For more information about the litter contact:
Jill 985-791-1447 or Jody @ 985-677-6285 Email:

Arielle & Achilles

Vom Bosque River

E Litter – (4 males, 3 females, whelped June 27)

Arielle von Feuer-Haus

0617/19 – D1, AZP3, HDA2, HN, Fw: SG

Grand Dam: Juno Anjules 0798/14 – Dq, VJP69, S1, BTR, S1, HDA2, VGP, Fw: V

Grand Sire: Nick vom Sparta 0629/13 – D1, S1, LN, VBRN, HDA2, VGP, Fw: V

Arielle, aka call name “Betty” is a truly special dog. She is one of the most trusting and affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. Her desire to retrieve is unmatched by any of the other dogs I’ve ever worked with, whether mine or my clients. She has a beautiful field search, does well in the water, and just wants to cuddle in the house. Her natural abilities are something truly great….she passed the AZP without any training! Her prize 3 was based solely on natural ability. When the opportunity to acquire this girl came knocking, I jumped on it. She has a special match of bloodlines in her pedigree, her natural abilities are incredible, and her personality is very endearing. She has hunted quail, pheasant, ducks, coons, rabbits, and I’m told she has tracked some deer in her previous home. She received an SG rating in conformation but the judge said she should be a V. She had a broken leg when she was a pup and it didnt heal quite right – it’s not really visible unless youre looking for it, but she has just a tiny limp in that leg. The judge said if it wasn’t for that she’d be a high V dog. She’s a nice moderate size at 59cm, and well muscled.  I’m very thankful to have her as part of my crew. She’s quite the joy to hunt over and just a fun dog to have at home.

Achilles vom Texas

A1 0975/19 – AZP2, HDA2, OCD-Frei, HN, Fw: V

Grand Dam: Queen von Kings Crossing 0630/14 – D1, S1, Fw: V, HDA2, VGP

Grand Sire: Payton von Kings Crossing 0098/14 – D1, S1, Fw: V, HDA1, HN, VGP

Achilles is a nicely muscled, thick bodied and balanced male that is within the breed standard for height (65cm).  He has a lot of drive and endurance and has actively hunted a wide variety of game including wild pheasant, quail, prairie grouse, woodcock, ducks, doves, rabbits, raccoons, and blood tracked multiple deer. He nicely quarters a field and is a medium-range dog, and his water search is phenomenal –  he absolutely thrives in the water. He has on many occasions swam for several hours on his own accord, searching for anything to retrieve while I was out doing other chores, then would bring to me whatever he found even if i was nowhere near the water!  He is very much a companion-minded hunter. I would say retrieving is one of his stronger traits. In the house he is very relaxed and has never been a “chewer” – I could trust him even as a youngster to be in the house unattended. So many people have and continue to comment on how attractive he is as well. He truly is a well-balanced hunting and family dog. Achilles has had one litter so far.. most of them ran in their derby this spring and all got a P1 and were high SG ratings. The litter is very uniform and all are very affectionate, calm at home, and have a lot of drive. Most of them finished gunfire training in just one session. I anticipate similar results from this upcoming litter.

I expect this litter will have a ton of drive, will be truly versatile, have good conformation, good water and exceptional field dogs, and be great at home as well. Based on the parents, I’m expecting them to have a strong natural retrieve.

For more information please contact Russell Fees / 254-592-6735 /

F-Litter vom Cedar Valley (Delta & Andy)

Vom Cedar Valley


Whelped June 19, 2023

Delta vom Cedar Valley

Z B.Nr. 1034/20 Gew. am: 07-07-2020 
Derby Prize 1 4H search Solms Prize 1 4H search behind the duck VGP Prize II Zuchtschau JK SG

Derby p1 with a 4h in search (large sweeping search, nose driven, hunting all available cover, leaving nothing uncovered) Solms P1 with a 4h in search behind the duck (dog covered great expanse of water, picking up duck track numerous times, produced duck on far shore) VGP ll 279 duck search 4

Zuchtschau JK SG  typical female head, long dry neck, topline, croup, and tail set correct. Fore chest and depth of chest correct. Bottom line correct as well as front and rear angulation correct. Coming and going correct had great presence and developed for her age.

Delta is a strong and powerful female. She is cooperative and intelligent. Delta’s search in both field and water is amazing to watch! I use her to guide upland hunts at a Orvis-endorsed lodge and duck hunt with her on the Mississippi fly way. She is a loving family member that can be trusted with dogs and small children. Delta is a full-time house dog that rides well in the car.

Andy vom Tekoa Mountain

ZB Nr. 0986/18; Gew. am:02.07.2018; Derby Prize 1 4H nose and search; AZP Prize 1; VGP Prize 1(306 points) 4H in search.;  HN; FW. “V”; 2022 Ehren President’s award for top VGP dog

Andy is an exceptional male Deutsch Kurzhaar with an intense and exuberant work ethic paired with the ability to turn it all off when he is in the home.  The combination of these two qualities makes him a pleasure to train and hunt behind, as well as live with. He has received a V rating and was described at the Zuchtschau as having a noble head, correct top and bottom lines, as well as a correct tail set and his pigmentation as dark. Standing at 65 centimeters tall and weighing 74 pounds, he is a perfectly sized male in both height and frame size.

Andy is extremely motivated to complete any task given to him, whether it be in the field, timber, or on the water. All while displaying great levels of cooperation and stamina. His ability to focus on a task and accept training is shown in his test scores. At his Derby, Andy received a Prize 1 with all 4s and two 4Hs in Nose and Search at just 8 months old.  His exceptional work was noted by the judges as “Wide search, textbook quartering, turning correctly into the wind, and search dominated by his nose”.  He also earned a Prize 1 (all 4s) at his AZP.  Andy’s work ethic and cooperation were once again displayed at his VGP test where he received a Prize 1 (306 points) with a 4H in Search. The judges’ remarks included- “The search was nose-driven, methodical, covering the field entirely leaving no area uncovered”. His high score accompanied by a 4H in Search earned him the 2022 Ehrens President’s award for highest scoring VGP dog.

Andy’s balance of natural abilities, biddability, desire to work, and the sought after “off switch” in the home is the complete package and it is what sets him apart from his peers.  However, I feel his greatest attribute is his fun-loving personality. His positive, high-spirited nature is truly contagious and a characteristic that is definitely unmatched.

Vom Cedar Valley
Jim Shupe

Kosmo & Donna

Vom Salbei – A Litter

Anticipated Whelping Date: May 25, 2023

Kosmo vom Sauwerder

D1, S1a 4h live duck, HZP181, LN (according to the track), HN, BTR, VGP1, FS3, HD A2, 
Fw: SG1f, V3, 64 cm

Kosmo is a very well pigmented brown gray male of the middle breed (height 64 cm) with a brown head and a beautiful jacket. He was described as a male with a masculine male head, very well attached and carried ears, ideal back line and very good erection. As a yearling, he was already fully convincing at the breed shows. Kosmo is characterized by a high willingness to work in the field, forest and water (live duck grade 4h). Significant is his leader-related, persistent work with great joy, which made it easy for his first-time leader to master the tests in the 1st field. The male has a positive, self-confident nature and is socially compatible with other dogs.
Kosmo comes from a faultless litter.

Owner:  Klaus Schlichting, 21714 Hammah, Tel. 0151/20786938

More information about Kosmo at

Donna II vom Holtvogt, ZB-Nr.:0515/21

D1(J) (4h pointing ), S1 (J) , HZP 182P. (waterwork 11P.), BTR, VGP1 (333), Fw: SG3 HDO A-1, OCD-free, HD-A1, 63cm

Donna is a striking, large, elegant and industrious female with highly desirable conformation. She has a noble head, proper lines, dark pigmentation, and a dense coat. Donna has a big, beautiful search and she shows a strong prey drive. She is methodical, smart and the use of her nose and her drive are some of her most noted talents. She is as comfortable in water, as she is on land and has displayed her unique and superior abilities in her whole testing career in Germany. In her Derby she has received  4h in pointing, and in her HZP/VGP  (11P in water work) she proved her very strong passion for water work, and she  is an extremely reliable retriever.. She has outstanding bloodlines, a wonderful temperament, and is fantastic with people, children, and other dogs. 

Owner: Joshua White, PO Box 311, Bellevue, ID 83313


Bozo & Catja

Vom Adlertal

Presents F-Litter

Whelped April 22, 2023: 9 males, 2 females

Bozo vom Odins Wald

ZBR# 0644/19 from Mespelbrunn, Germany: D 1, S 2, AZP 1, SW 1, BTR, HN, BP, VGP1 333P., Formwert AK: 2xV, BOB, Größe 66cm, HD A1

Bozo is an accomplished sire in Germany earning a Best-of Breed title in conformation as well as finishing his VGP exam with a prize 1 333 points. Bozo is a noble, strong and well-muscled male of the middle class with typical male head, noble ram (Roman) nose and dark pigment. He earned BOB (Best of Breed) in Germany (Best Pointer form at the AK). He has very well attached and carried ears, a correct top and bottom line with very good chest depth. His tail is also very nicely attached and carried. Bozo lives in the house as a family member and is a very quiet fellow.

He loves children, is very open-minded, problem-free and easy to handle. He always behaves calmly and exemplary towards his fellow dogs. In the field he shows a long-range search with very good use of the nose. He is extremely motivated on the water with great stamina and willingness to find things. When it comes to predatory game, he hunts very hard and uncompromisingly, which he has already proven several times on raccoons. On the blood trail he works extremely calmly and with concentration.

Catja von der Niederheide

ZBR# 0951/18 from Dusseldorf, Germany: Derby Prize 1, SolmsAZP Prize 1, FW: V, Größe 61cm, HD A1 (Eros KS vom Hirschenacker x Brill KS Sumuhazi Vadasz)

Catja stands with excellent posture and carries herself with a noble presence. Her paws are tight and she stands on her toes looking elegant and proper.  Catja (Millie) has the temperament any person would desire. Her love to people and her desire to please brings success with hunting/social activities. She loves to retrieve marked game in the water and in the field.  A princess in nature, Millie has a calm disposition which is enjoyable in the home.  Millie has a very strong prey drive and is “hell on wheels” with game.  With her medium size she has wonderful endurance in the mountains chasing Dusky grouse all week long.  With her calm disposition, she is a delight with children being very tolerable.  As a mother she does not need to be separated from her pups even though she has the option because she is very loving.  Even during the “5-8 week period” she calmly corrects her puppies with excellent social skills all while never getting upset them.  Usually after a mild correction, her puppies realize they don’t want to challenge mama anymore because she will hold them down and let them know about manners.

Contact Scott Jacobs at or 801-636-0436.

Bentley & Bree

Vom Wüstenjäger

Anticipated Whelping Date February, 2023

Bentley vom Adlertal
ZB.Nr. 0544/21, birthday 02/01/2021
D1(search 4h), S1, HN, V, HD A2, OCD free

Bentley vom Adlertal comes from the pairing of Prinz vom Kepelshagener Forst and Katja von der Niederheide. Both parents were imported from Germany.

Bentley is a solid liver athletic male with a strong masculine build. He is medium to large in stature, with a stable, calm, and proud demeanor. Bentley is cooperative and biddable, making him very easy to train. He is works well with his handler staying connected in the field, ranging close when cover is heavy and ranging farther away when the terrain is more open making him a reliable and pleasant hunting companion. He has a strong prey drive and will enthusiastically hunt all day. His strengths in the field include a strong nose, thorough quartering search, steady point, natural backing of a point, energetic retrieving, scent tracking, high water desire and excellent water work. He loves to retrieve from land and water and was very easy to train to retrieve to hand.

By nature, Bentley is curious and loving and enjoys being with people. He is a companionable house dog, interacting well with both adults and children. He is friendly towards fellow dogs and strangers and lives both in the house and in the outdoor kennel.

Owner: Barry Childs, 10136 N 6650 W, Highland Utah, 84003

Bree vom kleinen Fluss
ZB. Nr. 1243/17, DOB: 27/08/2017
D1, D2, S1 (search behind live duck 4h), SG, HD A1
63 cm ~ 65 lbs

Bree (aka Tracy) is liver roan, larger female, yet is still within the standard at 63 cm. She is equally happy to run all day in search of birds or spend the day on the couch in someone’s lap.

Tracy has never met another dog or person that she did not get along with. She is a very affectionate dog and was easy to train. Some of her strong attributes are, she has a very good nose, locating pheasants downed in a standing corn field without having seen the bird as she was in the truck.  She did her rabbit drag on a full speed run out and back never veering from the track. Her search desire for ducks was noted and rewarded with a 4H also at her Solms. Unfortunately, following her Solms test, Tracy was not able to continue her preparation for VGP as she had swallowed whole walnuts on 3 separate occasions requiring abdominal surgeries each time. The first time nearly took her life.

Tracy was not bred until she was 3 1/2 years old. This will be her third litter and we will be keeping a female pup from this pairing for a replacement female. The previous two breeding’s have produced some excellent dogs.  All the pups were very uniform in temperament and desire to please, high prey drive paired with a strong natural point, love of water, excellent work ethic and trainability. 

We do not breed often, typically only when we or a close friend want a puppy. This will be our eighth breeding in 18 years of owning DK’s.  Most of that time we have had 3 females on the place, never a male of our own. We feel this makes us search for the best stud dog that complements our female, instead of using a convenient male residing in the back yard. We feel we have found this with Tracy’s previous breeding with Charger and after seeing Bentley run his Derby and discussing his Solms with one of his judges and talking with Barry we feel this will be a great match.

At this time we are very excited to announce our intentions to do this pairing during Tracy’s next heat cycle anticipated in the first quarter of 2023, likely February.

Call or text Wayne at 509-778-1198

Adele & Astor

Von Reinheit – B Litter

Expected Whelping Date December 18, 2022

Adele vom Hochland  ZB.Nr 0355/17, D1(4H in pointing), AZP3, HD A2, SG

Adele (Piper) is everything you would want in a hunting dog! She is beautiful, hard working, stylish, and driven. She is slightly larger than many females (about 67lbs), and threw an excellent first litter. Piper has a sweet temperament until she is on game, then she flips the switch and becomes all business and aggressive. She was pointing and retrieving at 12 weeks of age. She jumped in the lake on her first visit to water and was very easy to train. I have always felt she had more than I could bring out. Piper has an exceptional nose and would track rabbits at full speed during her tests. Please watch this video to see her in action:

For further information contact Mike Madsen at or 801 879 6655.

Astor vom Barlager Forst ZB.Nr. 1154/18
(Lennox vom Klepelshagener Forst/Mathilda vom Geestmoor)

Derby 1, Solms 1, NAVHDA NA 1-112, UT 189 Prize 2 at 12 month old, VGP Prize 1 (309 points), FW V1 HD A2

Astor is a German import of a medium large size. He is an outstanding young hunting dog with a lot of drive and desire. In the field he covers a lot of ground methodically and quickly with the purpose to find game. He has a natural quartering pattern with an excellent pointing instinct and impressive style. He is a natural retriever whether on land or in water. His water work is exceptional and methodical. Astor is a passionate duck searcher that never quits. He is an elegant looking dog with a good confirmation. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs – both males and females. He is a good family dog and loves to be around children. Even though in the field he is a fast moving hunting machine, in the house he is a perfect gentleman – polite, quiet, and calm.

For further information about the litter contact Mike Madsen at or (801) 879-6655.

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