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“A” Litter vom Stahlstadt

Anticipated Whelp Date: April 7, 2022

Sire: Bozo vom Odins Wald, ZB-Nr. 0644/19, gew. 12.04.2019
(Takko Pöttmes x Ava vom Odins Wald)

D1, S2, AZP1, 20-SW1, BTR, HN, BP, HD-A1, Fw. Multi-V, BOB, 66 cm

Bozo is a rare combination of Best of Breed (BOB) show conformation and is a passionate, powerful dog in the field and water. Bozo lives in the home and is an excellent family dog and hunting companion. He loves children, has a very calm demeanor and enjoys other dogs. Bozo has an excellent show ring presence, dark pigmentation, excellent male-type features, excellent top and bottom lines, very correct front and rear angulation and has effortless movement. His breeding impact has been correct size, excellent temperament, very correct conformation and a passion to work in the field and water. He will be completing his VGP in 2022.

Dam: Artemisa vom Texas A1, ZB Nr. 0978/19
(Payton von Kings crossing x Queen von Kings Crossing)

D1, S1, HD-A2, OCD-Frei, Fw. V, 62 cm, gew. 20.06.2019

“Sparta” is a very impressive female with excellent conformation and a confident temperament. As a first-time handler, she was easy to train in the field and water, as well as force fetch. She has a very natural desire to cooperate, point, swim and retrieve game. I could not have asked for a more obedient and passionate dog to train. Sparta will complete her VGP in 2022.

For more info:

Cathy Derosky
(412) 491-1099

Vom Prarieflugel Kennel

Anticipated Whelping May 20, 2022

Tilly vom Kings Crossing ZB.Nr. 0257/16
(Indy von Kings Crossing/Kiwi von Kings Crossing)

D1, (all 4’s),  S 1, (all 4’s ), VJP 67 , HZP 77,  FW: SG1 (HD-A2)

Tilly was a very easy dog to train as it shows on her testing record.

She is an exceptional hunting dog with very good natural abilities, very strong point instinct combined with an excellent nose and cooperation, a natural retriever and tracking instinct. She loves the water as much as the field work. She hunts duck, geese, pheasant, partridge and grouse in Alberta and is not deterred by the cold weather. At home she is very quiet in the house and loves to play with the kids. Tilly is characteristically a very friendly and gentle dog when around other people and dogs. In the field she has a medium range and methodical search.

Astor vom Barlager Forst ZB.Nr. 1154/18
(Lennox vom Klepelshagener Forst/Mathilda vom Geestmoor)

Derby 1 (all 4’s) , Solms 1 (all 4’s), VGP 2 (299 points)

Astor is a German import of a medium large size. He is an outstanding young hunting dog with a lot of drive and desire. In the field he covers a lot of ground methodically and quickly with the purpose to find game. He has a natural quartering pattern with an excellent pointing instinct and impressive style. He is a natural retriever whether on land or in water. His water work is exceptional and methodical. Astor is a passionate duck searcher that never quits. He is an elegant looking dog with a good confirmation. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs- both males and females. He is a good family dog and loves to be around children. Even though in the field he is a fast moving hunting machine, in the house he is a perfect gentleman- polite, quiet, and calm.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Vito Caramia at 780-554-4057, or at email

D Litter vom Hügel-Hafen

Anticipated Whelp Date: May 29, 2022

VGP performance breeding. Both dogs are from noble, prominent DK lines. They are superb hunting dogs with exceptional temperaments.

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen ZB Nr. 0018/17
D1J (Search 4h, Pointing 4h), S1 (Search 4h), VGP1 (301 points), VBR, HN, HD A2, OCD-Frei, Fw: V1, 60 cm
(Joker vom Gänsehimmel x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach)

Anna is a passionate, noble female with substance and excellent conformation. She ran her Solms and VGP tests back-to-back and achieved Prize 1’s in both. She was awarded the top scoring Derby Dog of 2017. Anna’s big, spacious search has awarded her two 4h’s and she puts many birds in our game bags, a testament to her high drive/never-give-up desire. At the water, she confidently searches and brings back game with perfect delivery.

We trained Anna through her VGP and she qualified for the 2020 Kleeman; unfortunately it was cancelled, but while in Germany she was awarded V1 out of 17 females at the Schleswig-Holstein DK Club Zuchtschau. Most recently, she was awarded V1 at a 2021 annual meeting in Utah. Anna is a loyal hunting companion with a wonderful temperament and lives in our home. She has outstanding bloodlines and has produced a successful litter her first breeding. She is approximately 60% Hege-Haus blood, with well-known names in her pedigree such as Quickstep, Jogurt, Kastor, and Nougat vom Hege-Haus. On her paternal side there is Pöttsiepen, and Asseburg.

Gentleman von Baden ZB Nr. 0261/18
D1, S1, VGP2 (338 points), VBR, HN, HD B1, Fw: V1, 64 cm
(Yogurt vom Massenbach x Arrabiata KS von Baden)

Gentleman is a German import. He is a powerful, medium-sized male with a lot of nobility, a strong male head, and very good forechest. The form value V1 has been awarded to him twice. Gentleman shows impressive performances in the field, forest and water. He has mainly hunted for small game, where he works with tireless will to find. In the field, he shows long-range searches with great drive and a high nose, his manners on game are impressive. He has proven his enormous passion for water and his excellent qualities as a retriever on numerous duck hunts.

Gentleman (call name ‘Jack’) has a superb temperament with people and other dogs, and lives in our home. He comes from proven bloodlines. Through his grandfathers Tobias KS vom Hege-Haus and Oliver KS Pöttmes, he combines the best of Hege-Haus and Pöttmes with the best of Theelshof and Rothenuffeln. His mother Arrabiata KS von Baden and his grandmother Blaulicht KS Contiomagus are tried and tested dogs of high form and enormous performance.

Contact: Chad and Jennifer Kunz | | 701-341-7473 |

Zwinger vom Rising Son Kennel

Whelping Date – June 4, 2022
4 males / 5 females

Dam: Anna vom Bosque River
Brisco von Solilo AZP2, FW V, HD-A2, HN
Gina vom Hidden Creek D1, S3, FW V, HD-A1, HN

NAVHDA Prize 1 ( 112 ), D1, AZP1, FW SG, HD-A2, OCD-FREI

Anna is an amazing family and hunting dog. She is very calm and mentally stable. She does what she was bred to do very well. She has hunted wild bird’s , quail, chucker, pheasant’s, and does guided quail hunts in Alabama. As a first time handler training her was a pleasure, everything seemed to come natural for her, her test scores reflect that. She loves the water and is a outstanding retriever. This breeding will make some very sweet and loving family members as well as some of the best hunting dogs you could hope for.

Dark vom Schätzeberg 0668/18

D1, HZP 161, S2, AZP1, SJ (Saujager), LN, HN, FW:SG. HD-B1 (65cm 73lbs) Schwschl.m.Pln. V: Dexter v. Nemerower Holz 0311/08 D2,D1,SJ,BTR,AZP1,VGP3,HN,FW:V HDA2 M: Only KS v. Westermoor 0347/15 D1,S1,VGP1,BTR,SJ,IKP1,SW1,LN, FW:V HDA2

Dark (Dolph) is an experienced hunter of the Prussian colour. He hunts small and large game, has a strong will to track and is absolutely happy to bring you any small game. In the water he rummages relentlessly and persistently. When hunting, he is calm and balanced and a pleasant hunting companion. Dolph was imported from Germany at 4 months old and has became a wonderful addition to our family. Along with being a dutiful and ardent hunter, he is at ease and very playful and loving with children. Dolph gets along well with like species, yet has no tolerance to robbery. Dolph is truly a versatile dog. Excels at every endeavor, a real joy to have at your side in working and play.

For more info contact: Stephen Barnard ” Whitesboro, Texas ” by phone: (805) 857-3933 or email:

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