Deutsch-Kurzhaar Group North America

(Revised January 4, 2019)


Frank O′leary - President
   509-520-7483 (c)

Tyler Smith - Vice-President
   801-420-8076 (c)

Michael Albert - Secretary
   310-480-7427 (c)

Marianne O'Leary - Treasurer
509-520-0819 (c)
Randall Cherry – Breed Warden

Appointed Non-Voting Positions

Jörg Kaltenegger – Test Director/Director of Judging
   412-535-3373 (c)

Jeff Martin – Director of Membership Education
   250-492-6665 (h)    250-809-6665 (c)

Tony Dolle – Director of
   615-870-7700 (c)

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Frank O′Leary, President
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