President's Message

by Frank O'Leary

Darwin & Maggie imageWell, what can I say? We are living in the strangest of times and the greatest of times. We are living during a pandemic that threatens or very existence and yet our country and the entire world endures. These are truly remarkable times. The DKGNA is a testing and social member service organization. As of this moment there is no testing and very little service that can be provided. But we shall endure. The most important thing is for all of us to remain safe and for us and our families to be healthy.

The 2020 DKGNA Testing Season is in total flux. We have rescheduled all the Derbies with the exception of the Derby/Zuchtschau on May 1st, in Cedar Fort, UT. That will be followed by Derbies/Zuchtschaus in Newfield, NJ, on May 17th; Lillington, NC, on May 23rd & 24th; and Walla Walla, WA on, May 30th & 31st. Details of the DKGNA Spring Tests are included in an article in this issue of the newsletter.

The DKGNA First Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in Lehi, UT April 30th – May 2nd, has been postponed because of the corona virus restrictions. Rescheduling details will be made available ASAP.

When the current turmoil distribution of the tickets and flyers for the DKGNA Annual Hunt Oregon Raffle has been delayed. Again, this year prizes will include the Hunt Oregon Upland Hunting Adventure provided by Hunt Oregon, LLC; the shotgun; and the Quail, Whitetail Deer, and Wild Boar Hunt provided by Alger Flats Outfitters. Complete details and raffle tickets will be distributed prior to the first of May when hopefully things are getting back to normal. We encourage all DKGNA members to participate in the raffle and to help will of the selling of the tickets. This is our annual fund raiser and enables the DKGNA to fulfill our stated purpose as a club:

Educate all interested persons in the techniques of training, breeding and caring for continental hunting dogs, to conduct tests of continental hunting dogs, and to promote responsible breeding of continental hunting dog breeds;
Foster, improve, promote, and protect the continental hunting dog breeds in North America; and
Promote the interest of wildlife by fostering ethical hunting and the conservation of game through educational programs, the use of properly trained hunting dogs, and other means.

We wish all of you and your families only good health!!

Frank O'Leary, President

Frank O′Leary, President
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