President's Message

by Frank O'Leary

Hunt Oregon imgFirst, I would like to thank the membership for entrusting me with the responsibility of the Presidency of the Deutsch-Kurzhaar Club North America. This is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. With the cooperation of the newly elected Board of Directors and assistance of the individuals filling the Appointed Positions we will strive to position the DKGNA as the leading and most creditable DK organization in North America. Secondly, it is our intention to publish a newsletter the first day of each month to keep our membership informed and involved. This issue has been delayed until now allowing for the inclusion of a report about the DKV President’s Meeting in Kassel, Germany.

The President’s of DK Clubs met in Kassel, Germany, on Saturday February 1st, in preparation for the General Assembly Meeting that will take place in Fulda, Germany, on March 21st. Prior to the President’s Meeting the Präsidium met Saturday morning to discuss matters that needed their attention. During the Saturday afternoon President’s Meeting several key items were presented and discussed that will be voted on at Fulda. The purpose of the introduction of the items at this meeting was to allow the Presidents to receive input from their membership prior to voting at Fulda. The items presented included:

OCD X-ray being mandatory for breeding dogs
The promotional film produced by the DKV
Proposed rule changes for the Kleemann
  • Foreign dogs must be breedable according to DKV (German) standards breeding regulations at time of entry as of 2022
  • VGP with overnight blood track as of 2022
  • VSWP (20 hour blood track) required for Kleemann
2 new Clubs for consideration
  • Peene Regnitz
  • Althümmling
2021 IKP will be in Hungary
2022 Kleemann in Club Normark
2023 IKP Serbia has applied
There will be nominations/elections for DKV Commissions/Präsidium/Auditors in 2020
There were several of rule proposals regarding teeth and hip ratings for breeding dogs were presented
Gerd Schad is a candidate for the Breed commission of the JGHV and is asking for the support of the DKV Clubs

It was a very interesting meeting and I am very thankful to Christine Hammerer for translating for me during the meeting. I think that it is important that we participate in these meetings. It is obvious that this is where the sausage is made and if we are not in the room, we have no voice.

On matters closer to home the DKGNA Board has posted the testing schedule for 2020 and there is an article about the schedule later in this publication. We hope that we have addressed all of your testing needs. It is important that you enter the tests ASAP to insure your position.

The First DKGNA Annual Meeting will take place April 30th – May 3rd, in Lehi, UT. Details of the event will be released shortly. We hope that all of you can participate.

Enjoy training your young dogs for the Spring Tests,

Frank O’Leary, President

Frank O′Leary, President
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