President's Message

by Frank O'Leary

As fall approaches many of us are trying to get in all the training we can in preperation for the Solms/Derby. However, as you can see in Walla Walla it has been a little warm!! The top number is the outside tempature at 5:30 PM on July 30th. So we train from 5:00 AM until about 7:30 AM and then it is getting too hot.

We have been able to have some early morning training days in Walla Walla that have been valuable for those in attendance.

We are optimistic that testing will resume in the fall. Be sure to review the DKGNA Testing Schedule and sign up for your fall test ASAP. You should check with your test coordinator to see if there are training days available prior to your test. Also, prior to traveling to your test site be sure to confirm with the test coordinator regarding any local restrictions that may be in place.

As stated in the last publication, the category of “Founding Life Members” closed on July 31st. We are very proud of the twenty-three individuals that have become “Life Members” of the DKGNA as of that date. We deeply appreciate these members support and commitment to breed and the DKGNA. Regular Life Memberships in the DKGNA are still available. The DKGNA total membership as of this date stands at one hundred plus.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Fall Tests. Keep up the training but be careful that your dog so they doesn’t over heat.

Frank O'Leary, President

Frank O′Leary, President
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